empowering neighborhoods to thrive

FCS operates under the belief that all people have value, dignity, and something to offer to the community. This translates into programs that are based on honest exchange in which each recipient’s contribution is valued and needed. As a result, our neighbors have ownership of their transformed community, and they are empowered to sustain and continually improve it. In 2001, we began a partnership with residents of Historic South Atlanta. Together with Historic South Atlanta’s 1,922 residents we have transformed abandoned houses into beautiful homes, opened a grocery store in a former food desert, and experienced the true joy of belonging to a community that resiliently weathers life’s storms and joyfully celebrates its blessings.


We focus on four pillars of community development

Neighborhood Engagement: FCS aligns with local leadership to bring partners and programs into the community. These programs empower, unify, and strengthen our neighborhood.

Mixed-Income Housing: FCS develops diverse housing options for families through our affordable, workforce, and rental programs. Home-ownership is transformational for neighbors, and the community as a whole.

Economic Development: FCS operates small businesses in order to provide jobs, spur on the local economy, serve as a community hub, and increase access to resources for all residents.

Training & Consulting: FCS offers dynamic training and education resources to those interested in learning how to practice responsible charity and healthy community development.