We Train Others

Through the Lupton Center, FCS offers dynamic training and education resources to those interested in learning how to practice responsible charity and healthy community development.


FCS has been working in under-resourced neighborhoods in Atlanta for almost 40 years. Three times a year, FCS welcomes leaders, innovators and practitioners from all over the country who come for two-days to learn about our model for community development. We would love to share our story and strategies with you. Come and learn from Dr. Bob Lupton, Jim Wehner and Katie Delp, along with various FCS neighbors and staff. Experience historic South Atlanta, the neighborhood where FCS is currently working.

Our upcoming open house dates are: March 18th and 19th. Register by clicking below: 



Reimagine Charity: This seminar introduces groups to the basic concepts of toxic and responsible charity. It is an interactive 2 or 3 hour event that invites groups to consider why traditional charity paradigms are not working and to envision a new and better way forward. By looking a real life examples, participating in thought-provoking exercises and being exposed to compelling teaching, participants come away ready to chart a new course for more responsible charity. Contact our Director of Training and Consulting to schedule a seminar.



Changing the Charity Paradigm: This workshop is dynamic, research-based and practical half-day event. It has been built for groups that have read Bob Lupton’s books, participated in the Reimagine Charity Seminar or are simply ready to start changing the way charity is practiced. It is truly a workshop in that participants will work on real-life initiatives and will come away prepared to take the next, best steps in their charity. Contact our Director of Training and Consulting. to schedule a workshop.