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Dear friends: A rooster, perching proudly on the barnyard fence, crows out a morning wake-up call. The mist is beginning to lift from the pasture and a pair of red tailed hawks is already catching a ride on the rising thermals. Inside the barn, scattered about on the soft hay, sleeping bags begin to twist and squirm. A strange concert of unfamiliar sounds - the rustling of hay, the bleating of sheep, the whinny of a horse - intrudes the dream world of a dozen young campers and their sleepy eyes blink open. But none emerge from their warm cocoons until the enticing aroma of bacon and eggs, sizzling on the grate, reminds them that they have not eaten for several hours. Then, one by one, the tousled troupe unzip their bags, pull on their shoes and stumble toward the blazing campfire. Their first full day of summer camp has begun.

During the coming weeks, children of the city will wake up to new worlds of wonderment and delight. They will climb in the mountains, canoe on lakes and take hayrides on country dirt roads. Others will even get to feel the spray of ocean surf as it crashes against New England's rocks. They will experience vistas of God's creation unimaginable from their shadowed world of tall buildings and expressway overpasses. 400 of them, children from our inner-city neighborhoods, all teamed in van-sized groups, will venture with us. And on the journey, many will encounter the Creator who knows each of them by name, even before the foundations of the earth were laid.

Some of our children have resources to help cover expenses. Many do not. For those children we look to our caring friends as sponsors to cover the modest cost of $100 per child for the entire summer-long program. Would you, your family, your office or Sunday school class, want to sponsor a child (or children) this summer? Let me know by returning the enclosed card.

On behalf of the children,

Bob Lupton

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