Teachable Moments

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Twelve street-hardened young men huddle closely together, clinging tightly to each others' arms. The intense darkness that conceals the anxious expressions on their faces is so utterly black that a luminous watch dial would seem dazzlingly bright. Not one dares venture even a step away from his friends for fear of becoming separated and lost in the cavernous abyss. Here, deep in the bowels of the earth so far from light that their wide eyes are as useless as if they were totally blind, their perceptions of time and distance become quickly distorted. The banter and bravado of their urban world is strangely silent. Then suddenly their guide strikes a match. Its flare is almost blinding. The young men squint as their eyes adjust to the brilliance of a single match. They can now see shadows moving on the cave walls and gaze at the immensity of the cavern room. Their perspective of distance is suddenly back and they can see the path from where they had entered. There are sighs of relief and laughter returns.

"The world was once in darkness, spiritual darkness," their counselor tells the astonished boys. "People had lost their way. Many got disoriented and died trying to find a way out. But just when things seemed their blackest, a light appeared. It came in the form of a person named Jesus. He was called 'the light of the world'."

Teachable moments. That's what summer camp is about. It's taking urban kids from their familiar surroundings and exposing them to experiences that captivate them - experiences that provide unique opportunities for conveying truth that will change their lives.

Would you like to join with us this summer in creating such experiences for the children who are growing up on our city streets? $100 is the modest cost of a sponsorship for a summer of camping adventure. Can we count on you (and perhaps your church or business) to make it possible for one or more children?

Bob Lupton

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