When A Stolen Purse Unveils Beauty

by FCS Ministries on

You may remember our excitement about ZipCar coming to South Atlanta. It’s a delight to see a new business engaging the neighborhood and providing a much needed transportation option to residents.

To kick off the new partnership, ZipCar came out to Treat Street to share about the new service. The evening was grand and fun for all. There was a disappointing twist when Sashoy, one of the ZipCar employees, later discovered her purse had been taken.

Thankfully, that would not be the end of the story.


Sashoy later sent this email:

"The night my purse was stolen, I was a little shaken up. I went home and prayed that night for the person who stole my purse. I prayed that their situation would get better. Even though I was a little shaken up, I was still at peace, because I thought what I was robbed of, were material things that can be easily replaced.

This morning, I picked up some mail at my house prior to heading to the DDS to get a new license. Funny story- my grandmother sends me a check each month and going through the mail there were two envelopes addressed to me. The handwriting on each envelope looked like my grandmother's handwriting. I thought, "wow she upped the amount of checks this month. Christmas came early." One of the envelopes however, had no return address. When I opened it I unfolded a sheet of paper and discovered my driver's license."

The note Sashoy found inside encouraged her and us. It read simply: "I found your license on Lansing St. I know you need your license so you be blessed. Thanks so much. God Love, Sashoy. Peace. Have a great week."

At the conclusion of her email, Sashoy wrote, “I just want to commend the members of the community who help to make a change. I commend their efforts and I thank the individual who mailed me my license. I appreciate and support the initiatives to foster improvements in the neighborhood.”

We are always encouraged by small acts of kindness, by glimmers of redemption that shine through unfortunate circumstances. And we are grateful for neighbors in South Atlanta, like the person that mailed this license, who look out for one another and bless each other with caring acts.

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