One Street, One Lamp, & One True Light [Advent]

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By Katie Delp, FCS Executive Director A couple months ago, there was a change on my normally quiet street. A block over from my house, young men began loitering throughout the day and night on the corner. More than once, violence erupted. The area started to become a hotspot for criminal activity.

Image credit: Sigfrid Lundberg

My street is full of wonderful and caring neighbors, so this sudden shift was troubling. Together, we shared our concerns with the police at our monthly neighborhood meeting. But it didn’t feel like enough. Ultimately, our hearts wanted more for these young men than the justice system.

During one of our informal conversations, a neighbor commented that the street light on the block in question had gone out. The resulting darkness made that block excellent for hiding at night.

Inspired, we embarked on some quick research and discovered the process for getting street lights repaired. Several neighbors coordinated to make multiple requests to the power company.

Within 48 hours, the new street light was brightly shining on the entire block. Immediately, the questionable crowd moved away from the newly lit block.

Light always pushes out darkness. Jesus refers to himself as “the light” (John 8:12), bursting into the dark places in our hearts and in our world. As I watched light transform our street, it was restored to a place of safety, community, and peace.

This Christmas, we welcome Christ Jesus, the Light, who burst forth into the world. As we wait with anticipation this Advent, we long for the Light to restore our world and drive out darkness. May you experience the light and love of Christ in your life and community this Christmas.

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