Thirty Minutes to a Deeper Understanding of Poverty

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There's so many great books out there to understanding poverty and community development and more. (In fact, we recently put together a list of Smart Charity resources that included a few great ones!) But in the pace of everyday life, sometimes books stack up on the nightstand before they're moved to the bookshelf where they live forevermore. And maybe we never actually read it.  




So if you're finding yourself a bit time crunched or are a person who prefers an aural learning style, you'll enjoy today's list. Below are three videos - all approximately 30 minutes - that take a deeper look at issues affecting poor communities.


#1 - Gary Haugen: The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now


#2 - Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative speaks on injustices in the criminal justice system and the importance of proximity in serving vulnerable populations.


#3 - Angela Blanchard of Neighborhood Centers Inc. encourages listeners to dream bigger and to understand and develop community assets.


Hope you enjoy these videos. Please feel free to share your own favorite video resources in the comments!

Image credit: Steve Jurvetson

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