The Best Kind of Unintended Consequences

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The South Atlanta Bike Shop has been investing our neighborhood youth since 2010, and it has had a big impact on the community. Youth work in the bike shop and earn “shop bucks” they can use to purchase bikes, accessories, parts, or registration fees for bike trips. The program enhances job readiness and teaches leadership and management skills in addition to helping kids earn bikes. (You can learn more about their program here.)  



Kids have earned over 100 bikes from the shop: first bikes, replacement bikes, bikes for siblings and cousins. And of course, some youth have collected multiple bicycles for themselves. Needless to say, there are a lot more kids riding bikes on the streets of South Atlanta these days.


The increase in bike riders was evident in our daily lives in the neighborhood. However, it became even more obvious recently when our local elementary school, Slater Elementary, called.


They explained that so many kids were now riding bikes to school, but the school had nowhere for kids to park them. Without an appropriate place to store and lock bikes, students often brought them into the classroom for the day. Teacher found this solution to be a distraction.


When alerted of this challenge, we reached out to the Atlanta Bike Coalition. They partnered with us to install three new bike racks for the front of the school. Those racks were installed just a few weeks ago!




Warmer temperatures are on the way, and kids will soon begin using these bike racks in full force! We know they will also need locks for their bikes, so we are sponsoring a “Bike to School Day” in March. Any youths that bike to Slater Elementary that morning will receive a bike lock for free from the South Atlanta Bike Shop.


We’re delighted to be able to serve our community in this way. Partnerships between businesses and schools are important for the health and vitality of a community.  It’s a joy to connect with our local school in this small way.


Want to be a part of the fun?


If you’d like to help us provide bike locks for the kids or enable us install more bike racks at our shop (we currently have one), you can give here.


If you’d like to ride bikes with our young riders, you can join our monthly beginner bike rides here.

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