Summer Camp

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by Bob Lupton Dear friends:

There is nothing more dangerous than a young teenage urban male with a gun out to prove his manhood to the older guys that hang on the corner.  Respect is what he desires most.  And acceptance.  He’ll get it any way he can, even if it means mindless violence.

That’s one more reason why summer camp is so important in our community.  Young men (and women) get a chance to gain respect and acceptance in wholesome ways.  Older teens – last year’s campers – are this year’s leaders.  Younger kids who look up to them for affirmation display their bravery on ropes courses instead of holding up someone with a gun.  Older teens model integrity instead of thuggery.  They assist in teaching new skills like swimming and performing arts and athletics of various sorts – wholesome activities that build confidence and mutual trust.  Can you see why summer camp is so important to our community?  It is an essential ingredient in turning a crime-ridden ghetto into a healthy place for kids and families.

Your sponsorship of one or more of these kids is an investment not only in their lives but in the life of the community as well.  Campers and their families will do their part. Volunteers will invest their time and energy.  But some additional help is needed from caring friends.  A sponsorship of $100 will provide a summer full of adventure and nurture for one of our kids.  Perhaps your Sunday School class or folks at your office might join you as well.  Can we count on you this summer?


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