Summer Camp

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Dear friends: Summer camp – that annual event kids in the city live for.  Exciting adventures, stimulating games, interesting Bible stories, and nurture – lots and lots of nurture.  Attention-starved kids live for this.  But there is much more to summer camp than meets the eye.  This is where fledgling leaders – former campers – get formative leadership training.  Teenagers with emerging influence in the ‘hood can be channeled into either destructive or redemptive ends. Guiding them toward becoming positive role models is an important mission of summer camp.  Rightly directed, these “big kids” become powerful influencers in the lives of younger, admiring children.  It’s an essential strategy for community transformation.

Because our staff who run the summer camps live in the neighborhood and have year round contact with their campers, continuity of relationships remains intact.  When camp ends, interaction continues.  And so does their guiding influence on the lives of their young neighbors.  They are living models of healthy marriages and wholesome lifestyles that counteract the negative norms of the street.

Summer camp is much more than a few intensive weeks of fun and nurture for children.  It’s an important part of developing new leadership, an essential strategy for transforming a neglected community.  Your sponsorship of a child (or several children) is an investment in their future.  A $100 sponsorship is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make.  I hope you (and your company or Sunday school class) will invest generously this year.

Grateful for your partnership in ministry,

Bob Lupton

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