Shout Out to the Interns!

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It takes a team to launch a new project, survey the community, and keep all the fun happening. This spring, we've been grateful for the energy and work of our two interns from Georgia Tech. Before they head out for the summer, we wanted to introduce them and again say thank you for their amazing commitment to FCS this semester.  

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Meet Brandon (pictured left)


Brandon grew up in many places (his dad was in the Army), but he attended high school in Augusta, Georgia. Now he attends Georgia Tech, studying Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Systems.


He is passionate about the city and its subcultures, so he jumped at the chance to intern at FCS. (It helps only a little that he didn't have to take classes during the internship!) He was involved in several projects during the semester, including administering and analyzing the Flourishing Neighborhood Index survey, helping launch Carver Market, working with the South Atlanta Bike Shop, and assisting with the After-School program.


Brandon says he will walk away from FCS with some real-life skills like bicycle maintenance and handy-man skills. He also says, "I've learned about the balance, difficulties, and harmony between business ethics and spiritual ethics encountered throughout these organizations.  I've been honored to be affiliated with an organization that is on the frontier of what they do and to see how the whole team reacts to opportunities and responds with solutions.


"I've been able to taste a brief moment in the holistic long-term approach to community development. I've learned a lot regarding what I should do for others versus what I can help them accomplish themselves. This is has been especially pertinent for myself because as a future Civil Engineer, I have a desire to find a balance between mission work and civil engineering work; I can now better see how these intersect in a more developing community.


"The last big takeaway, something that I continually and hopefully consistently learn about, is that people matter. That to find God's shalom we need to love God and love people. I am happy to have friends and coworkers that practice this in a variety of different mediums and see its application in South Atlanta."


Brandon will be taking classes over the summer and leading camping trips for incoming freshmen. Post-college, he hopes to work in a city and earn his Professional Engineer's License. Eventually, he's like to go abroad and use his Civil Engineering skills as a missionary serving God's people.


Meet Luke (pictured right)


Luke is a Georgia Tech Civil Engineering Major from Augusta, Georgia. His studies include a concentration in Structural Design.


He has a strong passion for the the cultural and community aspects of urban neighborhoods plans to work in community revitalization in the future. He wanted to work at FCS because of their established presence in Atlanta. "I saw this internship at FCS as an apprenticeship in urban revitalization and an opportunity to establish a strong foundation in urban redevelopment," he says.


Along with Brandon, Luke participated in proctoring the Flourishing Neighborhoods Survey and launching the Carver Neighborhood Market. He also served as the Assistant Project Manager for Charis Community Housing. In this role, he worked alongside our Project Manager to manage the calendar and budget.


When you ask Luke what he learned this semester at FCS, he points to two major themes: grand vision and commitment to the process (investment.) "FCS integrated me into their vision for a neighborhood that is built on deep community ties, self-sufficiency, and upward mobility," he says.


"With this in I mind, I have seen the steps that were taken towards this vision prior to my arrival at FCS, during my stent here, and plans for future steps to create a holistically thriving neighborhood. These pillars of community development are the two things learned from my time at FCS that will most heavily influence my future endeavors."


Luke will continue investing in communities this summer as he serves with Service Over Self (SOS), a nonprofit roofing organization in Memphis, Tennessee.


It's been a joy to have Brandon and Luke on our team this spring. Their contribution in this busy season has been so valuable, and we will them well as they continue to use their skills for the greater good.

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