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by Jeff Delp, Executive Director, FCS Community Economic Development On Friday, July 23rd, our staff opened the stores to discover that there had been a break in during the night. The burglars were able to open the back door to Community Grounds and used that access to get into the studio next door. Almost all of the studio equipment was taken and a decent amount of damage was done to the building. In Community Grounds, a lap top that is available for customer use was taken as well. Obviously, this was not the way that we planned on opening our store that morning.

Unfortunately this was not a new experience for me. All of the feelings of disgust, trial, anger, and frustration are something that I have felt way too many times during my time in South Atlanta. Often these are the reasons many people and businesses choose not to locate here. I will never get used to break-ins or grow to accept them as a part of being here, but each time there is a redemptive nature of cleaning up from a break-in and continuing on with your life with neighbors and co-laborers.

The timing of this break in came at the same time as our Back to School Sale at the Marketplace. Shortly after we cleaned up the mess, the store was full with parents and students filling backpacks with affordable school supplies. I am more convinced than ever of the importance of us being in South Atlanta. We have a Carver High School student employed at our store, we have 10 youth every Wednesday coming to our Bike Shop to learn basic mechanical skills that we hope will one day lead to positive things in their lives, we have a neighborhood youth group meeting weekly at our store, and daily we have children coming in wanting a place to be that is safe from the streets. These families and children are the reason that we cannot let a break in stop what we are doing. On a daily basis, we see the hope that is being created in these young people.

Thank you for your support of our Back to School Drive and helping to make a challenging time at our store a redemptive time for us by offering the tools our families and students need to get a quality education. I hope that a child that bought a back pack in our store will one day lead a productive lifestyle in part because they were given the tools needed to succeed. We greatly value and appreciate the support that you continue to show us. We would not be here if it were not for each of you. Thanks for allowing us to continue to create hope and opportunity for our community.

* We do have insurance that will cover the cost of repairs and replacement for the items taken from our store. However, our deductible is $2500. If you would like to contribute to that amount we would greatly appreciate it. There are three ways to help 1) Donating an item to replace what was taken, 2) Volunteering to help fix dry wall, paint, or other repairs that are needed 3) Writing a check to help cover the $2500 deductible.

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