Prayer at the Prison

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By Jim Wehner It was a busy Friday in December. I tend to be task oriented anyway, but at the end of one year and the beginning of the next, I am extremely focused. I love to close one chapter well before I open the next, and I had a lot on my plate in order to make that happen.


I had an appointment this particular Friday. I wanted to blow it off, but since it was focused on prayer, I figured I couldn't really do that and keep my Christian cred. As it turned out, I am so glad I didn't skip it because this event set the tone for my holiday season and has extended into this new year.


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One of our board members had pulled the event together, and it included a diverse group from the neighborhood. We gathered outside the gates of the Federal Prison in Atlanta simply to pray. We met, shared a few Christmas carols, and prayed together, focusing on four areas for prayer: the prisoners, the guards, the warden that oversees the prison, and the broader justice system. Then we went down the street for lunch.


There was no fanfare.  It was not a protest. There were no news snippets or Facebook posts, and no one from outside the community made appearances for the media. We simply locked hearts together as we bowed our heads, stood on the sidewalk of a busy street, and prayed for God to intervene in ways that we could not.


I loved the diversity of this group and the laying down of personal agendas. I hope 2015 is filled with more times like this. God, let it be so...

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