Passing the Torch

by FCS Ministries on

By Bob Lupton At age 70, I do not need to be running an organization. Four decades is long enough! So December 2013, I resigned the presidency of FCS and handed the reins of leadership over to two very capable younger visionary leaders. Let me introduce them to you.

Jim Wehner is now wearing the President's hat. Jim has a strong business background, as well as several years of pastoral experience. He had been doing an excellent job running Charis (our housing ministry) for the past six years, steering it through the worst real estate years since the Great Depression.

Katie Delp, Chief Operating Officer at FCS for the past nine years, has moved up to the Executive Director's role. In addition to her superb management skills, Katie lives and breathes community development work. She and her husband Jeff (who leads our small business division), along with their two children, are engaged neighbors in our target urban community - South Atlanta.

So what happens to the old founder when he gives up his captain's seat? Ah, that's the best news of all. With energetic leaders at the helm and an active board providing ballast, I am now free to do what I do best - write and speak. And that fits right into a new initiative that FCS will launch during the coming year.

As a ministry, we have emerged as a leading influencer in the arena of Christian community development. Forty years of front-line urban experience has yielded a cache of practical knowledge that has value to a new generation of caring people.

Churches, non-profits, social service agencies, Christian colleges and seminaries from around the country increasingly seek our guidance in practices of serving among the poor. While maintaining our boots-on-the-ground community transformation focus as our primary mission, we will expand our capacity to model, teach, and coach others who are eager to enhance their effectiveness.

I continue on as a full-time FCS staff member, freed up from attending board meetings and enjoying new responsibilities in shaping a training division. And doing what I love - speaking and writing.