Our Youth Are Thankful For...

by FCS Ministries on

What are you thankful for this season?

Youth workers asked the young adults of Historic South Atlanta, and they created a communal art project to share their responses. May their words encourage us all as we reflect on what we have to grateful for this season.


"I'm thankful for my family and how God created me."   - South Atlanta youth

"I'm thankful for my mom, family, all the people who support me, all the people who make a difference in this world, and mainly God!!!!"   - Destiny Williams

"I'm thankful for God blessing me & protecting me & guiding me & loving me."   - Alyssia Harris


"I'm thankful for a baby, friends, health, and Jesus." - Youth leader Michelle Witherspoon

"I'm thankful for my twin/best friend and my friend/sister. They've kept it real and they have always been good friends. I love them to death."  - South Atlanta youth

"I'm very thankful for my family and all of the people that make a positive difference in my community with the youth programs that they lead because they make a great difference."   - Cheynan W.


What are your thanksgivings this year?

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