Meet Shawn Duncan, Director of Training and Education

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It's not uncommon for FCS to receive requests for coaching, consulting, and training. Therefore, as part of our strategic plan, we are working to create a learning center that offers education, coaching, and training resources for churches, nonprofits, and others interested in smart charity and community development.  

To lead this effort, we welcome Dr. Shawn Duncan to the team as the Director of Training and Education! Shawn has spent the last 15 years in ministry - as a preacher, teacher, coach, minister, and, most recently, as a co-founder of the nonprofit EIRO.

He finished his MDiv in 2006 from Lipscomb University and in 2014 completed his DMin at Columbia Theological Seminary. He describes his professional and academic pursuits as motivated by one thing: "a driving desire to see the church fully participate with God in God's mission in the world."

Shawn and his wife, Holly, moved to Atlanta in 2005 to join the staff of a local church. Since then they have had two sons, started a nonprofit and discovered more of their calling through the CCDA and FCS. The diversity, opportunities, and new friendships they have encountered in 10 years in Atlanta has transformed their lives. They live in Tucker and are continually shaped and changed by their international neighbors.

Shawn and Holly love wasting hours wandering through used books stores, buying too many books and then spending hours in coffee shops reading those books. If you ask him to choose a favorite, though, he says, "Like choosing a favorite child, this is impossible to answer! So, I will say of the handful of books I am reading right nowmy favoriteis The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison. One of the most formative books in my life, though, has been and continues to be The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann."

Their two boys (9 & 7) have picked up on this love of reading as well as their mom's love for the beach and their dad's love for backpacking. Shawn loves any excuse to get outside and into the wilderness!

FCS is delighted to welcome Shawn and his family to the team. And we expect great things to come as we develop a learning center. If you are interested in setting up a training workshop or consulting services, please contact shawn{at}fcsministries{dot}org.

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