Meet Our Coffee Shop Staff

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Since Community Grounds began, we've had some fabulous staff work behind our counter. We thought today on the blog, we'd introduce you to our current team. In the area? Stop by the shop and say hello!  


Has worked at Community Grounds: since July 2014

School: Western Governor's University - Business Management

Favorite drink? Tirimasu Rocky

What do you enjoy most working here? How much technical precision and artistry it takes to be an excellent barista. And that look on someone's face when you nail it!

Favorites outside of work? Performing with the Awalim Dance Company, costume & jewelry design, and reading a really excellent book.



Has worked at Community Grounds: 1 year

School: Georgia Perimeter College

Favorite drink? A caramel mocha (aka The Turtle!)

What do you enjoy most working here? Talking to customers and getting to know them on a personal level, which can be very entertaining!

Favorites outside of work? Fitness, reading, and spending time with friends



Has worked at Community Grounds: 3 years

School: Georgia State University - Film

Favorite drink? A caramel latte frappe

What do you enjoy most working here? The customers!

Favorites outside of work? Film, friends, and the movies



Has worked at Community Grounds: since September 2014

School: Georgia State University

Favorite drink? An Americano

What do you enjoy most working here? Getting to interact with customers and seeing familiar faces

Favorites outside of work? Drawing, creating art, and camping



Has worked at Community Grounds: since August 2014

School: West Lake High School, starting Georgia State University in the fall

Favorite drink? A breve Rocky

What do you enjoy most working here? Meeting new customers

Favorites outside of work? Working out, dancing, and skating

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