Make a Child's Summer!

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By Bob Lupton  

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”


That’s what grandma used to say. And in a rural/small town environment there were many useful (necessary) tasks to fill children’s hours when they weren’t in school.




Urban life today is very different. Fathers may be absent. Mothers depart early for work. Jobs for kids are scarce.


Long unsupervised days of hanging around on front porches and street corners can lead to mischief – or worse. That’s one reason why crime stats spike during the summer.


But the South Atlanta neighborhood is different. Here “idle hands” become “active hands.” Working on bikes in our South Atlanta Bike Shop, getting ready for challenging summer bike rides. Adventuring on God’s Farm, tending farm animals, riding go-carts, going on hay rides, catching fish.


Participating in an exciting menu of daily summer camp activities in the neighborhood and day trips to explore life beyond the ‘hood. And perhaps most important of all, a 10-week leadership development course for high school leaders in the community who are becoming positive influencers among their peers and younger admirers.


South Atlanta is different from other inner-city neighborhoods. Very different. That’s because we continue to invest heavily in the youth and families here.


And that’s also because we are blessed with committed partners like you who give generously to support a host of life-giving activities that make this community a healthy place for children to grow up.


A camp sponsorship of $100 will enable a child to attend an entire summer of stimulating activities. Of course, others will be sharing in the actual cost – volunteers, staff, in-kind donors, and the kids and families themselves.


Your sponsorship makes up the difference. It makes all the difference! Perhaps your company or Sunday School class might like to sponsor several children. Thanks for helping to make this a great summer for our kids.



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