Looking for Bargains

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Looking for bargains?  Clipping coupons?  Trying to find ways to scale back without cutting the essentials?  So are we!  No lay-offs but no new hires.  Longer hours and lots of help from volunteers.  But our work in the inner-city goes on uninterrupted.  So will summer camp.  It’s an essential.  Just too important to trim.  For many kids it’s a life-changing experience.  For all of them it is much needed nurture.  For six summer weeks more than 400 kids from our target neighborhoods will enjoy a diet of adventure, recreation, character-building activities, and caring for God’s creation.  And most importantly, they will learn how much God loves each of them, individually, personally.  As I said, this is just too important to trim.

$75 will make it possible for a child to participate all summer long.  The actual cost is more than this, of course. But others are contributing time, food, transportation, and dollars to make up the difference – including the kids and their parents.  Can we count on you to sponsor one or more children this lean year?  Perhaps your church or company might help as well.  This is one of the bargains that is too important to pass up.

Thank you for your care,

Bob Lupton, May 2010

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