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by Leroy Barber The city of Atlanta for one reason or another likes to do roadblocks. This is where the police set up on a busy street and stop each vehicle to check drivers license and tags to make sure they are current, and if not they tow your car and sometimes arrest drivers. Last night I hit one of these road blocks pulled out my license showed the cop, he steps to the back of my car to check the tag comes back says “thank you and get that tag taken care of”. My tag expires at the end of December. I pulled into my office today at FCS and the parking lot was mostly empty and I thought to myself wow everyone has started his or her Christmas holiday. The 4 cars that were present in the lot which usually has an upwards of twenty cars a day belonged to the 4 administrative staff.

I walked in and there they were the four of them hammering away at the year end stuff that needed to be done, a note in my box to sign tax forms needed, checks to approve for payment, and donor thank you notes to go out.

Like my license plate these are things don’t cross my mind very often, but thank God there are people whose talents, gifts, and thoughts are on these details.

I am usually on the road flying from one place to another either recruiting young people to come do Mission Year, teaching at a church, visiting a donor, or trying to inspire folks to serve well. All the while there is team back in the office holding down details that never even cross my mind. They are as much of the new ideas that I come up with as anyone. In fact they are the ones to make sure the legalities are done.  Creating a 661 feet mural, bringing in 200 volunteers, doing a event in New York with leaders, or riding a bike 160 miles all are wonderful projects that our admin team handles every day. Even on days when my thoughts are of holiday cheer and gifts they are plugging away to make sure things are covered for when I am driving down the road.

This morning in the mail there is envelope from the city addressed to me. I open it and it's the sticker for my tag and new vehicle registration for my car. My wife, a detailed person, had obviously thought about this and paid it long before yesterday. While I was somewhere dreaming and speaking she was handling the detail. When January hits for our organization it will come in smoothly because there is team two days before Christmas working diligently to get the details covered.

My appreciation for every person in my life that helps organize the craziness that is Leroy Barber.  That is something I am thankful for today.

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