Coming Home to South Atlanta

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Dorothy said it best: There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. One of the highlights for FCS is the ongoing work of our housing group, Charis Community Housing. Twenty-five percent of the homes in Historic South Atlanta (our focus neighborhood) are vacant. We know that these empty houses can be vulnerable spaces in our community, and that’s why Charis works block by block and street by street to bring families and residents back into these homes.  



Charis provides wholesome, viable, mixed-income housing to the neighborhood. And the change happening in our community is evident. In fact, local Atlanta newspaper Creative Loafing recently featured South Atlanta in their 2015 Neighborhood Issue. It’s a celebratory moment to see our neighborhood acknowledged and highlighted in the city. The article reads, “In recent years the historically African-American community has seen re-investment by new neighbors and a commercial strip revamp including a thrift store, coffee shop, and bicycle repair shop that once housed a movie theater.”


We know that South Atlanta is home to many amazing neighbors, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to bring more energized residents to the area. We believe Charis has helped strengthen the community by providing beautiful, quality homes that residents can own.


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This spring, we have three new houses coming on the market. Two of homes are three-bedrooms, while the third is a four-bedroom house. We are actively seeking out new families to move into the community and be a part of the good things happening in South Atlanta. It’s exciting to watch empty houses become full again and know that as home ownership increases, the fabric of the community is strengthened as well.


If you or anyone you know is interested in living in our target neighborhood, you can find details about the houses for sale on Charis’ website. We’ve got three more homes in the construction process, so 2015 is already off to a booming start in our housing ministry.


We are grateful for all our supporters who walk with us in this stabilizing, consistent work. Unlocking a home for a new owner is truly a gift to that resident, as well as to our focus community. Please continue to support our housing work in South Atlanta as we continue to contribute to a neighborhood that is growing and thriving.



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