Carver Neighborhood Market Launches Grocery Bike Delivery Service, August 3

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New offering extends food access across Historic South Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods  

ATLANTA – July 28, 2015 – The Carver Neighborhood Market, empowered by Focused Community Strategies (FCS), will begin its grocery bike delivery service on Monday, Aug. 3, 2015. This joint effort with the South Atlanta Bike Shop, also empowered by FCS, will continue to increase access to fresh, healthy and affordable food across Historic South Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods.

Generously funded by the Atlanta Cycling Festival, the grocery bike delivery service for the Carver Neighborhood Market will have a fleet of bikers who deliver groceries within a one-mile radius of the market during store hours. In addition to serving Historic South Atlanta, the grocery bike delivery service extends to surrounding neighborhoods including Chosewood Park, High Point Estates, Lakewood Heights, Peoplestown and Villages of Carver.

“One of our learning lessons within the first few months is that our shoppers who walk to and from the market limit themselves to buying only what they’re able to comfortably carry,” said FCS Director of Economic Development and long-time neighborhood resident Jeff Delp. “By offering the home delivery service, what may have been purchased across three separate trips to the market can now be purchased in just one. Our goal has always been to provide convenient access to the market’s healthy food options, and the grocery bike delivery service is one more way we’re fulfilling that.”

Since the grand opening of the market on Saturday, May 16, 2015, the store has sold more than 25,000 goods and welcomed more than 6,000 shoppers to the store. This initiative is a stepping stone to a larger vision for the Carver Neighborhood Market – one where online ordering and delivery will be a reality.

The Carver Neighborhood Market is part of the South Atlanta Marketplace and located at 1297 Jonesboro Road, Atlanta, GA 30315. For more information, visit, or join the community on Facebook and Twitter.

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