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Education is one of the most powerful resources available to a young person. Nearly all parents want their kids to get a good one, and they desire to equip their students with everything they need to be successful.  

For families in our community, though, that lengthy list of school supplies distributed on the first day can be intimidating. When you’re counting dollars and cents to pay the electric bill and buy food, where will you get the cash for a new backpack, fresh notebooks, and pens?




Many South Atlanta residents have come to count on FCS to provide high quality, low cost school supplies. We believe passionately that parents should receive the dignity of providing for their own children. So we will stock our Carver Neighborhood Market with backpacks full of supplies that parents can purchase at a reduced, affordable rate.


Your support of our Back To School Drive allows us to offer this valuable exchange to our local families. We continue to serve our neighbors in this unique fashion, and families look forward to coming to our store each year and buying the supplies they need. Your support ensures that every parent leaves with more than just a backpack - they will also maintain their pride and dignity as they provide for their children.


How to get involved:

Participating is easy! Buy a backpack and fill it with the following items:

  • pens
  • pencils
  • notebook paper
  • rulers
  • markers
  • spiral notebooks
  • composition notebooks
  • folders
  • crayons
  • erasers
  • scissors
  • glue


Backpacks are always our greatest need. We support five neighborhood schools. We’ve created this list above based on the most requested items from those schools. Your donations are greatly appreciated and a valuable contribution to make our Back To School drive a success!


Donations can be dropped off Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm at the FCS Office at 750 Glenwood Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30316. To drop off after hours or for pick up, please contact Katie Delp at 404.627.4304 to set up an appointment.


Monetary donations can be made on our website HERE. Please select “Pride for Parents.” Donations can also be mailed to FCS Urban Ministries, Pride for Parents, PO Box 17628, Atlanta, GA 30316.

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