Back to School Drive

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Jeff Delp, Executive Director, FCS Community Economic Development All over Atlanta, the sights and sounds of summer are beginning to transition to the thoughts and anticipation of the upcoming school year.  Students across the city and the state of Georgia begin to do the unthinkable when the summer begins, they look forward to the start of a new school year.  The new school year symbolizes a new beginning, a chance to start fresh: new teachers, new classmates, new curriculum, and new sport seasons.  There is no difference for the children who live and go to school in South Atlanta.  The children here wait with anticipation for a new chapter of their lives to unfold.

 A major difference between many of the families in South Atlanta and other parts of our city is the ability for families to prepare their children for the upcoming school year with the proper tools necessary to excel.   The excitement and enthusiasm for a new and fresh start begins to wane when a child walks into school unprepared for their academic endeavors.  The first homework assignment that goes undone because a child does not have the adequate supplies in their home begins to stifle the thirst for learning as soon as the school year starts.

Every year for the past 25 years, we have been hosting a Back to School Drive for families in South Atlanta, and other FCS partnering neighborhoods.  Our goal is to provide families in our community with an affordable option for purchasing their school supplies for their children so that students do not need to face the obstacle of not having the proper supplies to adequately complete their class work. Thanks to the donations received through the Back to School Drive and monetary donations we receive from you, parents are able to better equip their sons and daughters for their upcoming school year.   Your donation of school supplies will have a direct impact on continuing the hunger for education in a child in South Atlanta.

We would love for you to partner with us once again this year for our Back to School Drive.  Enclosed with this letter is a list of supplies that we are looking for in order to best serve our community.  If you could host a drive at your place of business or place of worship, we would greatly appreciate it.  If you would like to send a monetary donation, that will enable our team of shoppers to go purchase items to stock our store so that our families can shop at a greatly reduced price.  All monetary donations will go directly to purchasing school supplies.

We are grateful for your support of our mission to enable families in South Atlanta to have the dignity of buying their own school supplies instead of receiving a hand out.  Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to hearing from you!

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