A Summer Request

by katiedelp on

Dear friends: School will soon be out but moms will still have to leave for work each morning.  That means unsupervised children.  Not good.  Not good for the kids, not good for the community – two reasons why summer camp is so important.

But there are other reasons.  Kids need love, especially neglected ones.  The camp-outs, the adventure trips, the fun activities – all are important for a good summer camp schedule.  But the nurture – that is what impacts young lives.  When caring adults take time to listen, to affirm, to hug, wounded little spirits are soothed.  And when children, devalued by a society too busy to care, discover that they are treasured by a personal Creator, their world changes.

You are needed to make this happen.  Staff will do fund-raisers, counselors will volunteer, parents will contribute, and kids will do work projects.  But each child will also need a sponsor.  A $100 scholarship will enable a child to participate in a full summer of camp.  Will you (and your company or church group) make it possible for one or more children?

Grateful for your care,

Bob Lupton

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