A Creative Transportation Alternative: Zipcar

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By Jeff Delp

Atlanta loves her cars. The city is built with the car in mind and offers limited public transportation options to navigate the sprawl.

However, many local residents actually do not own cars. In fact, 23% of Atlanta households do not own a vehicle.

Access to transportation is one of the top challenges many of my neighbors face in Historic South Atlanta. Our city’s auto dependency makes life difficult for those that do not have access to a car, either by choice or inability to cover costs.


While car ownership has become accepted as a way of life, I don’t believe it has to be that way. In fact, I'm beginning to see when families have choices, they may opt out of the 1 to 2 vehicle norm. Other legitimate options can provide huge cost savings.

ZipCar is a program designed to alleviate the need for a person or a family to own a car. Traditionally, ZipCar has focused on the most dense neighborhoods of Atlanta near MARTA.

We talked with ZipCar and shared how they could radically change the lives of our neighbors. Residents who need a car to run errands, get to school or work, or visit family and friends could have reliable access to a vehicle.

I’m delighted to report that ZipCar service will  begin in Historic South Atlanta in early November 2014. My hope is ZipCar will allow all types of neighbors the opportunity to save time and money by accessing a car-share service.

The car will be parked at Community Grounds Coffee Shop at the intersection of Jonesboro Rd. and McDonough Blvd. Any Atlanta residents interested in signing up can use the promo code southatlres2014 for some great deals!

Image credit: Thomas Hawk

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