5 Loaves and 25 Tons of Food

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By Katie Delp Jesus feeds the five thousand. It’s a story I’ve known almost my whole life. Five loaves. Two fishes. Yet Jesus instructs the disciples to distribute the food among the large crowd until everyone is fed. The math doesn’t compute, but God is able to work miracles with one boy’s generosity.




As our pastor preached on this story last Sunday, he encouraged us to reflect on times when we have see God miraculously transform a situation beyond expectations. Maybe beyond rationality. My mind immediately remembered our South Atlanta food co-operative.


A couple of years ago, I realized through some interactions with neighbors that some families in my community were struggling to put food on the table every night. I was not alone. Some fellow co-laborers in the neighborhood were hearing the same message. We were concerned and wanted to help.


Few folks know how to offer people access to food while maintaining their dignity better than our friends at Urban Recipe. I love their food co-operative model that allows a group of families to pay into a pot and receive needed food in return. Co-op members have responsibilities and roles, and donations subsidize the cost of the food.


Together, our small band of concerned neighbors was able to quietly raise the funds to start the food co-op in our community. Two years later, fifty low-income families from South Atlanta meet twice a month to receive food and stock their shelves.


I love the food co-operative program and the dignity it maintains for recipients as they become food secure. But there was another miracle of God tucked away behind the scenes. I have constantly been amazed that while only five households of modest income give to the food co-op, there is always enough each year to provide over twenty-five tons of food for these fifty families.


The math just doesn’t add up. Still, like Christ’s feeding of the five thousand, God is able to work miracles beyond our expectations. In our “five loaves and two fishes” generosity, there is always enough for everyone.


Will you join FCS as we watch God provide resources, dignity, and transformation in our community? Your generosity is always appreciated and goes further than you can ever imagine.





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