5 Creative Neighborhood Events

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In our target neighborhood of Historic South Atlanta, we take our fun seriously. Our active neighborhood association has collaborated with residents, local businesses, and other groups to put on some incredible community events. We thought we’d share a few and hope they will inspire your neighborhood activities this year. 

And we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. There’s always room for more creativity and more community events! Here’s our list:

#1 Pancake Breakfast & Saturday Morning Cartoons

This event is exactly what it sounds like, and we just enjoyed our 2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast & Saturday Morning Cartoons last month. The tables will full of pancake flippers and crockpots of grits (this is a Southern breakfast, y’all!). Kids over-served their own whipped cream and laughed at classic cartoons. Just a fun Saturday in the neighborhood!


#2 Southern Fried Kickin’ Kickball Tournament

The trash talking for this annual event is legendary. Everyone wants to win that rubber ball spray painted gold and, of course, the bragging rights. Team captains gather folks on their streets. Local businesses register teams. We’ve found that kickball is a sport that can cross cultures, genders, and ages. It’s a truly fun and active event for all!


#3 Neighborhood Clean Up

Our neighborhood has been known to have more discarded tires than residents. Rather than let that fact get us down, community members have bonded slinging muddy tires into the back of pick-up trucks as we clean up the neighborhood together. Even better? Our annual tire toll is decreasing as visiting dumpers realize we don’t put up with trash in our streets. 

#4 Progressive Dinner

This event can take a bit more planning than some of the others, but our neighborhood has enjoyed a late summer progressive dinner the last few years. The meal is divided into courses: appetizers, drinks, salads, main course, dessert. Volunteers agree to open their home for each course, and nearby residents potluck based on their assigned course. Then, yep, you guessed it! Together we walk through the neighborhood, visiting the different homes and eating more than we should. Last year’s them was Caribbean food, and everyone went away full and happy!

#5 South Atlanta Treat Street

Over the years, our small and simple carnival has become a neighborhood staple on Halloween. Kids (and adults!) whip up their best costumes, the haunted woods is set up behind one of our businesses, and candy abounds for all! We’ve found this safe and friendly festival has brought neighbors together in a positive way on a night that could be not-so-positive. 


These are a few fun ideas we’ve enjoyed in our neighborhood. It’s your turn!

What community events have been a hit in your neck of the woods? Which one of our ideas would you like to try?

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