Why I'm Thankful for South Atlanta

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by Guest Writer Sarah Quezada

Sarah and her husband Billy moved into our target neighborhood, Historic South Atlanta, in 2009.  

A couple months ago, two people asked me in the same week if I live in a “good” neighborhood. I haven’t stopped thinking about that question since then. Can I acknowledge the challenges of my community? Sure. But that’s not my go-to when I am asked about where I live.

I actually think I’m a bit spoiled in South Atlanta. I’ve lived many places, and it is one of the strongest I’ve ever been in when it comes to developing community and creatively dreaming about how we can make it a better place to live.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’ve been thinking about what I’m grateful for in my community. So here it is! My Thanksgivings for South Atlanta:

#1 - When I moved into the neighborhood six years ago, strangers showed up and unloaded our moving truck.

#2 - My next door neighbor never forgets to tell me how cute my kids are and remind me that this time is short.

#3 - I frequently work at Community Grounds, where the staff literally knows my name (and my favorite treats).

#4 - After more than a decade in urban ministry, I’d forgotten the blessing of a nearby grocery. Carver Market has changed my life this year.

#5 - My kids have grown up enjoying South Atlanta Treat Street every year, and I’m thankful they can celebrate safely together with neighbors.

#6 - People talk about “Atlanta traffic.” I have no idea what they’re talking about!

#7 - When tensions arose between the community and a local high school, real efforts were made to seek mediation, as well as posting signs in yards to support students.

#8 - I’m thankful for all the cross-cultural relationships that surround us (and our kids) as we get to know people with different life experiences.

#9 - Our neighborhood actually hosts an annual kickball tournament and a progressive dinner. I don’t feel like that’s all that common.

#10 - Charis Community Housing continues to renovate homes, making our neighborhood more beautiful and recruiting new, fun folks to move in.

I am truly grateful for South Atlanta. It’s been my home for the majority of my married life. Both of my kids were born here. It is our home. And we are grateful.

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