Chef Demos: New Initiative at Carver Market

by FCS on

by Jeff Delp

What do you do when you encounter a new food? How do you learn to eat it? Cook it? Does it remain an experiment or work its way into your regular eating routine?

One of our hopes when we opened Carver Neighborhood Market was to provide local, healthy produce and food options. But we also wanted to create opportunities to teach neighbors how to incorporate new foods into a balanced diet.

Thanks to Georgia Food Oasis and the The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, we’re excited to soon begin hosting Chef Demos at the market. The goal of this project is to introduce neighbors to new, local food options from urban farms. We will also promote healthier food choices by offering double EBT benefits.

Soon, you’ll be able to watch a chef demonstrate healthy and affordable cooking options right in the Carver Market! We are so delighted to be able to host this type of enrichment opportunity in our community. We hope this initiative will help get the word out about the store and promote healthier eating for residents in our neighborhood.

Interested in helping out? We will definitely share specifics on our Facebook and Twitter, and we invite you to come and participate. Please also let others know about these events! Finally, if you’re interested in volunteering, please contact jeff[at]fcsministries[dot]org about staffing a demo table.

The Carver Neighborhood Market has been an amazing food oasis in Historic South Atlanta. It’s exciting to engage the community around local food and healthy choices!

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