Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference: We're Going to Be Featured

by FCS on

Atlanta is hosting the Reclaiming Vacant Properties conference in October. We’re excited to participate in this dynamic event! Community developers from around the country gather and discuss the most cutting-edge strategies for revitalizing abandoned and deteriorating properties. It’s a time of innovation and hope as we lasso dreams and start bringing them into reality. 

The conference theme, “Equity First: Revitalizing Communities Together,” maps perfectly onto our own values of partnering with communities. Our staff attendees will get to learn about areas from how arts and culture help weave the fabric of place to how to respond to disasters in a way that builds resilience. It’s a great time for us to continue to learn.

As part of the conference, we are honored for FCS to be a site visit. Our Executive Director, Katie Delp, will administer a workshop on FCS’ tactics for creating flourishing out of dilapidated blocks. We’ll get to have government officials, other nonprofits, and passionate professionals coming through our doors. It’s a great opportunity to share what we know and make connections for future innovation. 

Look for photos from us on social media and for a report on how it goes! 

Want to learn more? Check out this video about the Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference. 

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