The Fall Open House is Only One Month Away!

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The open house is only a month and a half away! Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of community developers, ministers, and organizations come through our doors to learn how to jumpstart community flourishing in their own context. It’s a blessing to us to multiply the lessons we’ve learned over the past forty years. 

We kick off the two-day event with a comfy-chair chat featuring our founder Bob Lupton. He shares stories from the early days of FCS and gets to answer attendees’ questions personally. Over the next two days, we tour Historic South Atlanta, hearing about the four pillars that FCS uses to partner with neighborhoods: economic development, mixed-income housing, training and development, and neighborhood engagement. Each season, participants with any experience walk away with actionable nuggets of wisdom

If you’re wondering if the Open House is a good fit for you or someone you know, here’s three quick diagnostic questions to ask: 

  1. Have you been doing ministry for awhile and feel ready to tackle some higher-level, systemic issues that affect people you’ve been working with? 

  2. Have you heard about FCS’ model and wondered how it works on the ground? 

  3. Are you wanting to get more familiar with the Lupton Center and hear how they can partner with organizations to take development deeper? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions for yourself or for an organization in mind, the Open House is probably a great next step for you. Experience our neighborhood and some Atlanta hospitality.

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