We Have Two New Team Members!

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We recently grew our team! In the past two months, we added Kaci and Chanta to our staff family as the Development and Communications Coordinator and the Development and Executive Administrator, respectively. Both of these dynamic women bring energy and vision to the behind-the-scenes work of FCS. Each of them grew up in the Atlanta metro area. Combined, they bring experiences from the corporate, non-profit, and education world. Together, they form a powerful engine for development and communications.

“In a prior opportunity, I learned a lot about how much money it takes to make things work. Organizations have a lot of needs for resources, and I learned where the holes were,” Kaci shares. “In this role, I’m learning what it takes to fill those holes, learning who to reach out to.”

Chanta echoes the sentiment. She’s looking forward to helping FCS achieve its greater goal. “I wanted to work for an organization that had a strong purpose,” she says. As she reflects on the systemic issues FCS’ seeks to tackle, she muses, “I can’t do much to change everything, but I can make change with my work and even with the smallest part of my day-to-day. Growing up, it was instilled in me to give back. I’m glad I can do that here.”

Each of them relishes the opportunity to work with people and to interact. Kaci remembers that in a prior position, she learned a lot about databases and numbers, but missed getting to speak with real people day in and day out.

“It’s a lot of fun seeing people’s eyes light up when they talk about something important to them.

Monica of the Lupton Center told me about a client who is working hard to improve their neighborhood and her eyes just shone.” Kaci shares with a smile, relaying a recent conversation. “As I’m collecting these stories, I’m not only asking people to give, I’m finding the compelling stories that show why someone should give, and where those resources go.”

As an organization that is centered around stories, it’s been a huge encouragement to watch Chanta and Kaci receive stories from the neighborhood and to learn our organization’s story. Even before she came to work for FCS, Chanta had watched FCS collaborate with other neighborhoods and saw the resulting impact.

“I can actually see their accomplishments. Every community FCS has partnered with is flourishing. Being in the community makes a difference, and being in this community makes a huge difference,” Chanta notes.

Chanta’s observation points out a difference between the two women: they had vastly different levels of familiarity with FCS before applying.

When asked what she knew about FCS when first applying, Kaci remarks, “I knew some, but I didn’t want to get too attached. When I got invited to a second interview, that’s when I did a deep dive to learn more about the organization.”

Chanta approached the attachment very differently. “I saw a position for FCS open a year before I started working here. I started researching FCS and got as much information as I could. I went to the website and looked through all the pages. I tried to learn about the team members. I watched and waited until I found a position that fit my qualifications.” Chanta pauses and laughs.

“I truly did stalk FCS,” she says, smiling.

We’re so glad to have these two amazing new team members!

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