3 Hidden Gems in South Atlanta

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We love getting to know our neighborhood! In relationships with people, we always find more to learn and love, the same goes for the ways we build relationship with our home community. Here’s a few beautiful treasures we wanted to highlight in Historic South Atlanta.

#1 Southeast Library

Why Go: gobs of literary adventures + beautiful community working space. Named for equitable housing advocate Louise Watley, this recently renovated library features huge windows for natural light to stream in, meeting rooms, and a mini-amphitheater for read-alouds! It’s like walking into both a cathedral and playground for books. The librarian staff were full of smiles and information about community events for reading. Check it out if you haven’t been!


#2 South Atlanta Park

Why Go: places to relax, play and gather with community. If you’re looking to play a game of pick-up basketball, let the kids tucker themselves out on a jungle gym, or idly swing on a bench watching the sunset, this park is a great resource! Located at the end of Gammon Street, it’s entryway spills into the heart of Historic South Atlanta. Enjoy the sounds of teenagers delighting in being free from school in the afternoon; the park stands adjacent to the S.T.E.A.M. Academy at Carver. A great place to run into neighbors.


#3 New Stairs to the Southside Beltline

Why Go: a quiet place to connect with nature. This section of the Beltline hasn’t been fully constructed yet, living a green gravel path tucked behind the former Fulton County Health Center at the intersection of Hank Aaron and McDonough. When looking into the tunnel, it’s easy to feel as if you’re in a secret wonderland. If you love your neighborhood but need some solitude close by, this natural space will welcome your deepest musings on life in South Atlanta.


We’re all about building an equitable, mixed-income community here at FCS. To that end, we’re so glad to share these gems with you. We hope you will visit them and marvel at the beauty in Historic South Atlanta. Our neighborhood has so much to enjoy, and it’s fun to discover a new facet of our neighborhood’s fabric every day.

What places would you add?

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