Spring Open House Brought Great Questions

by FCS on

Seeing the same kind of restoration we’ve seen in South Atlanta come to other neighborhoods around the country and the globe means equipping others to act. The Lupton Center provides the avenue for us to do just that! Most recently, pursuing this vision looked like hosting about fifty community development practitioners at our Spring Open House.

During the Open House, we introduced participants to the four-pillared model at FCS. As visitors saw social entrepreneurships and renovated housing, questions began to form. “What makes a great community developer?” one young woman asked Bob Lupton on the opening night. Another participant, an older gentleman commented “I know our ministry is doing relief work instead of development. How do we hold ourselves accountable to moving forward?”

Questions like these let us know we’re tackling our mission: we want to see neighborhoods across the country strengthened by the lessons we have learned. We offer our collected knowledge and experience, but the larger body of Christ, with their unique and localized gifts, steps in from there.

To all who came - thank you so much! If you missed it, please plan to attend our Fall Open House in September.

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