Gas Station Renovation Progress

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We broke ground on Historic South Atlanta’s restaurant space on February 11. The renovation kicked off with visits from city officials, words from FCS staff, and food to celebrate the big day and forthcoming eatery.

Our local Atlanta news station captured the event in the video below.

Even though it’s only been one month since we broke ground. The progress is flying by! We’re thrilled to see this dream of a sit-down restaurant for our neighborhood come to life.

Before we started, the Gas Station looked like this:

Interior of the former J’s Gas Station

Interior of the former J’s Gas Station

The station hadn’t pumped gas in over twenty years! The workers got started by crushing the concrete and getting ready to pull the gas tanks out of the ground.


After a few days, the gas tanks were finally out! They had rusted after sitting in the ground so long, and as part of the environmental remediation process, new soil will be brought in to fill it out.


Once the concrete had turned to rubble and the gas tanks were out, workers came and prepared the ground for further remediation and new construction.

Next to go was the old awning. All of a sudden, the entire space has sunlight streaming down on it. We were amazed at what a new look the awning’s absence gave the intersection of McDonough and Jonesboro.


The work continues! It may still be awhile before we can go out to dinner at this new restaurant space, but we’re thrilled at watching the process. Thank you for joining us!

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