Pride for Parents: A Christmas Miracle in 2018

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“We really worked to make it beautiful this year,” Pamela Stringfield, Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator, noted when talking about this year’s Pride for Parents store. “We wanted the message to be ‘we’ve prepared a place for you, and it’s a place for you to come and have fun and enjoy being here.’ We wanted a space that was functional, but really pretty, too.”

Neighbors noticed the effort. People walked into Pride for Parents and took a moment to admire the space, taking it all. More than once, a resounding “wow, this is really beautiful,” escaped the mouths of shoppers. The store featured hot cocoa, volunteers who served as personal shopping assistants, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Pride for Parents had one main aim in 2018: enabling generosity. Each year by offering toys at an affordable price, the store creates a way for parents to show generosity and a little Christmas magic to their children. But over and over again people seized the opportunity to be generous beyond immediate family. One of the women who attends the biweekly food co-op, remembered a neighbor of hers who was hosting two foster children, twins. “They typically don’t get a lot of things,” she relayed, “I was able to come, and I found two scooters and two black panther items. I wanted to do something special for these kids who usually don’t get a lot.”

Pamela said, “generosity is for everybody, even if [someone] doesn’t have a lot.” Such generosity serves as a Christmas Miracle. To read about our most jaw-dropping miracle at Pride for Parents, read the impact report below.

Thank you to everyone who showed their own generosity to make Pride for Parents possible! We sold close to 3800 toys this year to over 600 families. Those toys came from over 20 Toy drives. Thank you for the role you played in making this Christmas miracle happen.

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