Partners’ Spotlight: 3 Partners We Love

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Members of the South Atlantic Civic League review a neighborhood map at a monthly meeting.

Members of the South Atlantic Civic League review a neighborhood map at a monthly meeting.

We talk a lot about neighboring, which often occurs between individuals. But at FCS, we recognize that group to group neighboring matters, too, which is why we love building partnerships with local organizations. Great work happens all around us in South Atlanta, and we are grateful to join hands with those who are already here. We’re keenly aware that we cannot address every issue in a neighborhood, and our neighborhood already contains a variety of experts in helping communities flourish in different ways.  Building a healthy neighborhood requires all of them! We have many amazing partnerships, and it would take longer than one blog post to give each the shout-out they deserve. But today, we wanted to highlight three of them.

Urban Recipe

In 1990, Georgia Avenue church started a ministry initiative that grew and grew until it became Urban Recipe. They aim to support human dignity by supporting food security for families. We have gotten to team up with this amazing group to host various food-related events to South Atlanta. With their help, we host a bi-weekly Food Co-op. As believers that food helps build community, that Shalom includes peach cobbler sticking to neighbor’s hands, we’re grateful for the tasty work of Urban Recipe, and their willingness to share it with our neighborhood.

South Atlanta Civic League

Enjoy seeing photos of Halloween creativity and sweet tooths on display? Our partner, South Atlanta Civic League, serves as the force behind Treat Street each year. The “continuous voice of South Atlanta” since 1952, the Civic League brings residents of the neighborhood together to influence decisions that affect the neighborhood, such as zoning. We’re so glad for the work of the Civic League to advocate and benefit our neighborhood, and we’re equally glad to host their monthly meeting each month at Community Grounds.

Purpose Built Schools

This non-profit seeks to revitalize neighborhoods by offering dynamic education in our neighborhood. When Purpose Built Schools began to work in our neighborhood, they aimed to give children hands-on instruction that applied directly to their lives. Currently, they oversee four of our neighborhood schools, including two elementary schools, a middle school, and our local high school, Carver High. Seeking to support the existing Atlanta Public School system, Purpose Built Schools works to provide holistic resources for its families. We love seeing Carver High students at Community Grounds and Carver Market after school. We’re thankful for this partner’s work with the young people of our community.

We’re so grateful for our many partners; these are only three out of many more. Partners are essential to building a flourishing mixed-income community. The scriptures talk about a body needing many parts. In the same way, we know that every healthy neighborhood utilizes groups of people at work in different ways. Education, neighborhood fun and advocacy, and food represent a few of the areas where dedicated community members are helping South Atlanta thrive. We’re thankful to be on the journey with them!

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