“Leaders Lab is Helping Make the Change.”

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By The Lupton Center

When Sean Howe became the Executive Director of 3e McKinney in April 2018, he was stepping into an organization on the brink of change.

3e McKinney came to the understanding that their charity paradigm of transactional giving wasn’t working for their community. With a new leader in place, they were ready to take a leap and make a change, but the question was… how?

One month into his new role, Sean joined The Lupton Center’s Leaders Lab to learn how to face the challenges that came with his new job of collaborating with local churches and restoring relationships in the community.

The staff and board members at 3e McKinney are leading the paradigm shift around what charity looks like in their community. They are working together to make this transition internally, while also sharing what they learn with their partners. 3e McKinney is hoping to move toward more dignifying, relational engagements with their community.

“Leaders Lab, at its core, is influencing a city and county,” Sean says. “If this change is done right, if it’s done methodically, and if we use these principles in the Lab, the challenges we face will be ones that I think we can conquer together. I think we’ve got the formula. Between what the Lab is teaching us and the Holy Spirit at work we can follow these biblical practices.”

Leaders Lab cohort is helping Sean and 3e McKinney create a road map toward meaningful change, and Sean has valued his time learning and working in community. The content from the Lab facilitator, the peer-to-peer support, and the personalized coaching he’s receiving from the Lupton Center team have made this an incredible experience. He calls Leaders Lab a “tremendous resource and great blessing.” Sean says, “I leave my conversations with those from Leaders Lab feeling heard, challenged, affirmed, and encouraged.”

The work being done in McKinney, Texas is a huge challenge, but Sean says, “Leaders Lab is helping make the change.”

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