An Exciting New Direction for the South Atlanta Bike Shop

by FCS on



The South Atlanta Bike Shop has been a fixture in our neighborhood for seven years. Children come to the Bike Shop after school to work on bikes and earn a bike of their own. Prior to the bike shop opening, all of this happened in one passionate neighbor’s driveway. South Atlanta neighbor, Andrej Ciho, took his passion for bikes and “discovering the treasure in every young person” and opened the South Atlanta Bike Shop in 2010.

Children learn about a lot more than bikes when they visit the bike shop. They learn patience, critical thinking, and how to work as part of a team. Children who spend time in the bike shop emerge with more self confidence, a greater sense of community, and oftentimes a new bicycle.

We are excited to share some very exciting news about the South Atlanta Bike Shop. Starting this August FCS began a partnership with Bearings Bikes and Purpose Built Schools. Children enrolled in our neighborhood schools visit the Bike Shop during the school day and will follow curriculum specifically designed to teach life skills and workplace values through repairing bikes.  

The Bike Shop has been such a blessing for our neighborhood’s youth and we cannot wait to witness the even greater impact this new partnership will bring!

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