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At FCS, we love working and collaborating with people of all ages and backgrounds. The diversity in our office brings new creativity and deepens empathy. This fall, we are pleased to have two interns from Georgia Tech, Savannah and Lanna. Savannah, a junior majoring in Computational Media, is joining our team as the development intern. Meanwhile, Lanna, a senior in Civil Engineering, is back with us for her second semester as the project management intern with the housing team. These internships are made possible through generous donors at the Georgia Tech Foundation's GlenTech Fund.

Prior to coming to FCS Savannah studied abroad in Hungary, where she learned about nonprofit management and social entrepreneurship at a coffee shop which employed people with disabilities. While she was there she wrote a grant application for the coffee. When a position opened up at FCS for the development intern, someone who would be writing grants, Savannah says, “I unknowingly became equipped for the job at FCS.”

Savannah was drawn to FCS because she believes in the power of being present with others and loving everyone where they are.. She says, “I experienced how nonprofits can be toxic and  hurt more than they help.” But she sees that FCS recognizes this and intentionally does things differently. She sees the great impact that being a neighbor has on the community

Lanna came to FCS in the spring of 2018 after seeing a job posting that piqued her interest. As it usually goes in construction, Lanna’s tasks at FCS vary greatly each day, which is one reason she’s enjoying her time here. You can find her doing anything from laying hardwood floors, to turning on utilities, to keeping track of the many homes FCS is renovating and building.

So far this semester, while working with the Construction Manager, Steve, Lanna has been learning how to work with subcontractors, how the bidding process works, and even designed the layout of a house!

These two young women are already making an impact on our office. Over the summer, Lanna learned more about the power of prayer, and now she and Savannah are hosting a weekly Prayer Meeting that’s open to all FCS, Community Grounds, and Carver Market staff!

This semester, Savannah is looking forward to the upcoming events - including the 40th Anniversary Block Party and the 5k. She’s been learning all about the history of FCS as she’s looked through old videos, pictures, and stories. Lanna is excited to have more time in the neighborhood. One of her favorite parts of the job is running into and meeting neighbors. She says in these interactions, residents, “always tell us they like what we’re doing, and it’s rewarding.”

Both interns agreed that they look forward to coming into the office. Savannah says, “The office is so fun, I love relationships I’ve made at FCS,” and Lanna agrees, saying, “I like how everyone feels like a family.” Welcome to the family, Savannah and Lanna. We’re glad you’re here!

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