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On your mark. Get set. Go! We are counting down the days until Sunday, September 23, when FCS neighbors and friends will take their place on the starting line of the Generosity 5k in support of FCS’ community development work. It’s certain to be a morning of fun, festivities, panting, and laughter.

As our team begins to form, we’d love to introduce you to some of our runners. Executive Director Katie Delp and Director of the Lupton Center Shawn Duncan will be out there representing FCS. And let’s not forget Community Trainer, Donell Woodson as well. The trash talking in the office has already begun!

Donell created a team called “Running with Purpose,” and he’s inviting others to join him at the race! His wife Evie is on his team, and they’ll be pushing their daughter, Hannah Grace, in her stroller. Donell says he’s participating in the 5k because he’s passionate about community development. “FCS’ vision and mission for community is the same as mine, which spurs our family to want to financially support and run together for FCS.”

In addition to our staff members, some South Atlanta neighbors are jumping in to run and walk with us. Mazie Lynn has lived in Historic South Atlanta for over thirteen years and is incredibly supportive of the work we do in the community. She says, “Supporting FCS is a priority for our family, and being a part of the road race is a fun and innovative way to do that.”

Mazie Lynn is also looking forward to the opportunity to invite others into the mission and work of FCS. Each runner commits to raising $200 in support of FCS, and she plans to share FCS’ impact with friends, coworkers, and relatives. Finally, Mazie Lynn says she’s eager to exercise after long days of caring for her two young kids, so working toward the goal of a 5k with friends and neighbors is motivating!

September 23 will be here soon! And we’re looking forward to spending the day together, sweating and raising money to support our community. You’re invited to join us or donate to help our runners reach their goal!

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