A Summer of Possibility

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By Bob Lupton

The sounds of summer are already filling our neighborhood streets. Children come home from school and head outside to ride bikes and play basketball with their friends. This is just a taste of the summer days ahead. This season is one bursting with possibilities for kids and youth, and we are glad to be able to support neighbor-led activities engaging our young people this summer.

In addition to week-long adventures at Grace Camp and God’s Farm, kids in our neighborhood will take interesting day trips and participate in a variety of fun-filled activities. It’s all about nurturing the lives and spirits of young people while offering an alternative to negative influences they may encounter. Instilling spiritual values and providing moral influences are priority commitments in flourishing neighborhoods.

Summer camp is also about building leadership. It is the time when young people who have been maturing socially and spiritually over the past years get the opportunity to exercise their leadership before younger, watchful eyes. Nothing solidifies one’s beliefs more than having to teach those beliefs to others. Nothing builds one’s confidence like having others follow your example and aspire to be like you.

Will you invest in South Atlanta's youth this year? A $100 gift will scholarship a child for the entire summer. The children and parents, of course, will be contributing as well. As will a cadre of eager volunteers. Perhaps your business or Sunday School class might want to join you to sponsor several children. The investment is a good one, I assure you.

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