Springing into Neighborhood Outreach

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Flowers are blooming, kids are playing outside, neighbors are starting to grill out on porches. All signs to spring in the air! As the temperatures are (finally!) warming up and days are getting longer, were thinking of the new opportunities for neighborhood and community outreach.

Here are 7 ways to reach out to your neighbors in the spring.

1. Go to the park together.

Pack up a picnic lunch, bring your family, and head out to the park or playground! The park is a great third space where neighbors can come together. Plan to meet a neighbor you already know, or be open to building new relationships with community members you run into at the park.

2. Take a walk in your neighborhood.

With the turn of the season and better weather, walking is an excellent way to get outside and engage your neighborhood. Bring your dog, kids, family, or a walking buddy along, and be prepared to stop along the way to chat with neighbors.

3. Sit on your porch or spend time outside.

Just like walking is one way to open yourself up to new interactions, being outside at your own home is another opportunity to be available to connect with neighbors.

4. Organize a park or neighborhood clean up.

Rally your neighbors on a weekend morning and spend a couple of hours picking up trash, weeding, or planting new trees. Not only will this add beauty to your neighborhood, but it may also build relationships and inspire other community members to join in!

5. Help out with yard work for an elderly neighbor.

Trimming the grass, planting flowers, and mulching trees is all very physical work. Who in your community could use a hand this spring? Bring your family or friends who can pitch in. Sharing time and talents helps a community blossom!

6. Organize a neighborhood wide yard sale or swap.

Spring cleaning can be a great chance to share outgrown or unused clothes, furniture, or appliances with neighbors who may be looking for that exact item. Your unused toaster oven could find a new home down the street!

7. Support your neighborhood businesses.

At FCS, we’re especially fond of Carver Market and Community Grounds, but by supporting your local business, you are helping create jobs for community members. Get to know the owners, managers, or employees at your local coffee shop, corner store, or supermarket.

There are countless ways to be active in your neighborhood during spring. With the change of the weather, there is a renewed sense of possibility and pleasantry in the air. How else will you love your neighbors and your neighborhood this spring?

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