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At FCS, we strive to be continuously learning. And undoubtedly like many of you, we enjoy podcasts! There are so many valuable resources available, and we’d love to hear what you’re listening to. In the meantime, we’re sharing six podcasts we’re listening to right now. Take a look and add any that look interesting to your queue!

  1. New Activist - The New Activist Podcast shares the stories of leaders and activists who are working to fight injustice. Each episode features an interview with a different leader, with topics varying from immigration to adoption to incarceration. Two of our favorite episodes are the interviews with Latasha Morrison and Father Greg Boyle.

  2. Servecast - We’re fans of the way Servecast talks about values we are passionate about: service and compassion. As we listen to the guests on each episode, we are challenged to care for others in great and meaningful ways. They graciously hosted Shawn Duncan, director of The Lupton Center, and he shares the story of FCS and loving your neighborhood.

  3. The Promise - NPR dives into the story of another Southern city on the rise. By taking a closer look at public housing in Nashville, The Promise provides an up close look at the effects of gentrification on a neighborhood. Pro tip: start with episode one and listening through the short series.

  4. Freedom Road - Lisa Sharon Harper hosts this new podcast discussing relevant issues facing our nation. Leaders in faith and activism share their stories, provide opinions, and shape ideas around our most pressing issues. We were eager to learn from a recent episode commemorating the 50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.

  5. Akimbo - Seth Godin, known as a marketing guru, created a podcast about culture. Seth’s take on what’s happening in the world - and how we can choose to do something about it - is inspiring and thought provoking. He reminds us that we have the power to make change, which is especially clear in the episode, Status Roles.

  6. Seminary Dropout - Shane Blacksphere hosts Seminary Dropout, featuring interviews with leading Christian authors, leaders, and thinkers. This is a great podcast for hearing a Christian perspective on multiple different issues we face today. Of course we’re going to recommend the episode featuring Shawn Duncan discussing poverty and gentrification!

These podcasts have provided us with new information and valuable perspectives. We are excited to keep listening to these, and would love to hear your recommendations! Have you heard any of these podcasts? Which other ones do you recommend?

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