A Very Honest (and Common) Confession

by FCS on

With resignation in his voice, a successful, well-respected leader recently confessed to me...

“I just feel...stuck.”

This confession was difficult for him. And it was honest. And, unfortunately, it is rather common.

We interact with amazing leaders like him often - leaders who are painfully aware of the ineffectiveness of certain programs and have a vision for a future where the materially poor flourish.

They just don’t know how to get from what is to what could be. They are stuck not knowing how to navigate the disruptive process of change.

Sound familiar?

If so, you are the reason why The Lupton Center has created the Leaders Lab.

The Leaders Lab is a year-long cohort of 10 leaders who work together to diagnose their work, cast vision for new possibilities, and create a roadmap for change. It begins with an in-depth,12-week training facilitated online and is followed by 9 months of peer support and personalized coaching.

The Leaders Lab has been built to equip change makers to make change.

If you are inspired by the possibility of getting unstuck, you can learn more, see an outline of the Lab process, and get access to the application here

Applications are due by April 16th. The Lab launches on May 1st.

Get unstuck. Create change. Apply today.

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