2017 Annual Report: Welcome to Flourishing

by FCS on



As we reflected on 2017 one word that continually rose to the surface. Flourishing.

Flourishing is happening all through our neighborhood. At Carver Market neighbors are receiving job training, while fresh fruits and vegetables are made accessible to the neighborhood. Community Grounds continues to be a gathering spot where everyone is made to feel welcome. The South Atlanta Bike Shop helps develop young people who respect themselves and others, and are comfortable sharing their gifts and abilities. Families are moving into new homes transforming blocks into safe places for children to grow up.

The Lupton Center is providing training to church leaders and nonprofit directors across the country, and FCS is building and renovating affordable houses in our neighborhood. Our partnerships with Purpose Built Schools, Start:ME, and Remerge are thriving and providing valuable support to the community.

FCS is creating a space for flourishing in Atlanta. We invite you to explore our interactive 2017 annual report to see flourishing unfold. Thank you for being a part of this story.

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