Celebrating 40 for 40

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by FCS

“One person can make a difference, even if it takes forty years.” - Civil Rights Activist Fred Korematsu

While not the efforts of only one person, we have seen the impact of FCS serving in Atlanta neighborhoods since 1978. More than 250 houses have been remodeled or constructed to create homes for families. Countless customers have walked through the doors of Carver Market to buy vegetables or pick up a few things for dinner. Summer after summer, kids have explored a world outside the city at summer camp. And each Christmas, parents have had the opportunity to choose and purchase affordable gifts for their children.

This is only a small snapshot of the program, relationships, and impact FCS has joyfully participated in since its beginning.

As we celebrate forty years of investment in neighborhoods, we are seeking forty new monthly donors! We invite you to join us as an ongoing, monthly supporter. Your gift will create flourishing communities where peace and opportunity abound. Will you join us? Click here to sign up and give. Here’s to forty more years of exponential impact!