Welcoming a New Leader Who’s Not So New

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They say there’s no place like home. And for Josh Barber, the new manager at Carver Market and Community Grounds, home is Historic South Atlanta.

Josh moved into the neighborhood with his family in 2001. His parents, Leroy and Donna Barber, began working with Bob Lupton, and Leroy later became the Executive Director of FCS. Jeff Delp, Director of Economic Development, remembers, “Josh and I moved into South Atlanta the same month in 2001. The same traits that made us excited about Josh as a leader today were there 17 years ago!”

After attending college, Josh sought the same type of engaged community he’d experienced before going away to school. This search brought him back to South Atlanta. When he returned, he reconnected with his neighbors, started his own small business, and worked in the hospitality industry. Once the manager position opened at FCS’ local stores, it seemed like a perfect fit!

Josh is bursting with enthusiasm for FCS. He describes it as “a hive of positive, productive energy in the community” and says he has seen FCS preserve and create infrastructure in South Atlanta. He wants to continue being part of this unique and diverse neighborhood. After living in the neighborhood and seeing the impact of FCS, Josh is excited to join the positive change.

“It was God’s hand at work” remembers Josh, about the opportunity to manage the stores. “The job is to pursue community in South Atlanta, which I’m already trying to do.” He is passionate about the mission of FCS to treat all his neighbors with respect and dignity. He also embodies FCS’ commitment to local, and like many of our staff members, Josh is able to walk down the street to work each day.

But for Josh, coming in to Carver Market doesn’t feel like work. “I have to convince myself ‘you deserve to get paid for this,’” he says. With empathic leadership shepherding him, genuine co-workers alongside of him, and a nonprofit that has tangible examples of growth, Josh feels at home. He is hopeful to share the same care and support with the staff that he leads.

We are thrilled to welcome this next generation leader to our team!

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