Building Vibrant Mixed-Income Communities

by FCS on


by Cynthia McNeal

Low income children who live in mixed-income communities have been shown to do better financially throughout their lives. We believe strongly in the benefits of mixed-income neighborhoods and that they extend even beyond future finances. Diverse housing and residents help to build community across socioeconomic differences, making a neighborhood stronger for all.

Sometimes it can be challenging for working or middle class families to find affordable housing when they do not qualify for subsidies, but cannot pay market rate. Our Workforce Housing Program seeks to fill this gap and invite middle class families into the mix of our community. Workforce homes are affordable houses for sale to moderate income families. Over half of our Workforce residents utilize down payment assistance programs to increase the home’s affordability further.

The overwhelming majority of homes FCS has purchased are abandoned. Therefore, our hope is to create a vibrant mix of housing that welcomes families at all different income levels while simultaneously combatting vacancy.

Our Housing Program has completed well over 70 affordable homes and has renovated 48 Workforce houses since 2008 , and in 2017, FCS led 70% of the development in South Atlanta. We have seen how this concentrated effort in housing revitalization can transform neighborhood blocks and make a world of difference to longtime neighbors residing there. This year, we plan to ready 12 or more homes for new families who can move onto the block and help us create a healthy, mixed-income community that will be a safe and flourishing place for all kids in the neighborhood.  

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